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Eric D. Brown

Eric D. Brown

Financial Advisor

(619) 780-6780

Regardless of your life stage, income or goals, I can work with you to create a financial plan to help you manage your short-term goals, long-term aspirations and work toward meeting your financial targets.

I’ve been a financial advisor with Waddell & Reed since 1992. Like many financial advisors, I offer investments, access to insurance and comprehensive fee-based financial planning. Whether you have basic needs or a more complex financial picture, I am ready to help you develop your plan.  I am passionate about helping people get to where they want to be in their life when they are serious about reaching those goals.  Together, we can manage frustration, loss, politics, being single, divorced, widowed or married.  Well, and aging.  What I like to make sure you achieve are the memories that keep you younger, legacies that make you proud, and wins that make your life well balanced and well played.

My free advice?  Do not face Life and all its chances all on your own.  Life has many turns and twists.  It can throw surprises and challenges towards you while you are making your way.  I have had my fair share of surprises, and the privilege of serving quite a few clients who shared their challenges, so I may know a few strategies to keep Life on your terms, no matter where you find yourself today.  

I have a passion for economics and politics.  All that means is that I can keep track of many different ideas and trends moving at significantly varied speeds and regularly anticipate that most of them will not achieve their expectation.  I competitively swam for over a decade as a kid.  I played violin in orchestras for 20 years and I continue to find choirs who are willing to have me join ever since my aunt made me part of a kids song group.   My favorite lullaby is "Everything Possible".

I read voraciously. 

I appreciate people who love to live solo and honor those who want to blend in with a family around them.  I have an expansive network of friends up and down the West Coast.  I enjoy connecting and building up people whether through volunteering or simply being their friend.  A few years ago, I was asked to add up my service working at organizations in Portland, Oregon and in San Diego, California for the LGBT Community in leadership position or more minor ways.  I resolved to provide my contribution this way - I have given 25 hours of volunteer service per week for 25 years.  That is how committed I am to people who want to be part of my community, and to values like equality and fairness.  

I am a faithful partner in keeping secrets, reminding you of your truths, and can challenge, encourage, and have been known to give in.  Clients have asked me to marry them (I was the pastor, never the groom) and I have had to say goodbye to more friends than I care to consider.   I appreciate the costs of care since I cared for someone I loved dearly for nearly three years before his death.  The cost in energy and emotion were immense, but so was the privilege of being the one chosen for that experience.  I am familiar with clients, yet at times formal.  I keep the secrets of many clients and would never divulge those secrets.  I am a brother to some, a son to still a few, and at times, I hear my father speaking from my lips.  I am the advisor who encourage one client to pursue "that man" and was asked by another "to approve" in her father's absence.  These are only examples of how intimate some of my clients have kept my advice and counsel.   

If you simply want facts and figures,  do not waste time, Google has many facts and figures. When you want to learn how credible those facts are and useful those specific figures can help or hurt you, consider an advisor.  My Dad was my first Google.   All Financial Advisors offer financial data.  Good Financial Advisors provide personalized financial information.  Great Financial Advisors can provide financial answers you can use and execute towards your success.  Often, wisdom is available when facts and figures alone do not help you reach the goals you have.

I see financial advice in this powerful partnership/relationship similarly.  I spend time with you, and offer you a profitable partnership that offers loyalty, trust, and economic investment choices and strategies.  These in concerted execution support your values and take advantage of your strengths while we address financial behaviors that can sabotage, so you can build your own equality and bring your own powerful values into the life you are creating as we work toward your financial goals.  I help you accumulate the resources and defend against Life's threats that can destroy your dreams as you develop the community you want to enjoy.  Ultimately, you and I can make you a more financially stable, economically resourceful and financially independent individual who ultimately achieves and thrives in your successes.  I think its one pretty good example of how we can work together.  

If you want more out of a financial advisor than just numbers and notes, I am one that comes with more than just numbers and a short tune.  I come with experience, humor, some wisdom, and at times, a show tune, inappropriately placed, where you may even appreciate it.  The financial plans are professionally created to help you reach the potential you wish to attain while it holds us both accountable for what are jobs are as we work together.  My perspectives are personal and can keep you awake during those times when financial information drones on but requires it be reviewed.

You can always ask for any financial advisor.  This time, pick one with personality and an education, who will care about who you are and where you are going, not just what you have to invest.  If I took this much time to tell you about me.  Imagine how much I want to learn about you!